Friday, December 31, 2010

Spring 2011

The one thing that is never new about school is that the Spring makes the Fall seem like a leisure stroll. I sometimes blame this business on all what we refer to as the "spring testing season". So now in school we have football season, basketball season and testing season..... gross!
However, I find that I have a tendency to plan my year as a musician so that in the fall I spend August September and October preparing for November and December. Then I come back to school in January and have some how managed to plan something major in every available month.. So here is the run down of things that I already know will happen

January 25th - 4th grade recorder concert - pretty light on the concert as they won't begin learning recorder until Jan 4, but I bet by the end of 2.5 weeks we can play a couple of notes. We shall see what develops

February 20 something - Go Texas! Day - Grade level sing along and square dance

March something - 2nd grade show - I'll start in it the 1st week of January because interruptions are on the way between now and then.

April - constant testing

May - Choir concert - choir begins in January and goes until May
May - Choir Festival - still haven't chosen the music for this yet
May - Kindergarten graduation - much bigger deal than I would like it to be.... must figure out a way to tone it down
May - 5th grade graduation - I need to write a song for this to work toward a school song selection process within the next couple of years.

So Spring - HERE WE COME!