Monday, January 16, 2012

Love the BLOGS!

So I've been having some luck finding music teacher blogs to follow.  I've learned so much already and I'm only following 4 music blogs so far.

These four music teachers live in various parts of the country, have different philosophies and vastly different experiences in their classrooms.  However, we all teach music and man o man have these guys got some great ideas.  The ideas are so good and well thought out that I'm absolutely going to incorporate their ideas into my classroom. Eventually, I hope that folks will begin following my blog and that I will have the chance to return the favor and share some of the things that I know.

So often when I look sift through these wonderful resources, I will recognize songs, units of study and even issues.... but without fail, on each blog I have found resources, applications and solutions that I would have never come up with on my own.  It's like having the benefit of a colleague, without even knowing them.  VERY exciting stuff!

Along the right hand side of my blog I've listed the four music teacher blogs that I am currently following.  I intend to keep that up to date so that you can also access all of that good thinking too.  


  1. Hey! My name is Cara and I'm a music teacher with a blog! I found your blog on pinterest and subscribed. Hope you can find cool stuff on my blog too!


  2. Sounds like a plan Cara! I always love new ideas!