Monday, August 12, 2013

NEW WORDS! for the word wall!!! - FINALLY

So I've been busy getting ready for school and in the midst of that crazy two things happened.....

1.  One of the folks who wanted to use my word wall words had great suggestions that should be included in an new list of words 


2.  I found a similar list that a faithful reader had given me in FEBRUARY (gasp!) that I started and completed and seriously just forgot to post!!!

So, with great apology to my friend who I corresponded with about the word wall without delivering as promised and with the hope that these new words would fill in some gaps for everyone,  I decided that I couldn't rest until I got both of those lists completed for the new school year. 

As always, I publish the word wall words in two formats..... 

You can either print your words on sentence strips which makes them slightly larger and includes a color border that sorts the words by topic, OR you can print off the words using standard 8.5 x 11 paper which makes the words slightly smaller, and doesn't include the borders.


You might find this free tutorial helpful! 

For a complete list of word wall words follow these links:

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