Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Word Wall Update! - Forgotten Words and Great Suggestions!

Hey Ya'll!

I don't know about you guys, but my beginning of the year has been typically CRAZY BUSY!

But the nice thing is that I'm beginning to hit my stride into a routine.

As school was starting I got some really amazing feedback about the word wall. I was amazed at some of the basic words that I forgot to include.... you know some obvious ones like "snare drum" and "spaces"...... There was also some really great suggestions that were mostly "duh" words that everyone wants.

My suggestion list got long enough that I'm even having to break up my updates into smaller groups of words.

SOOOO without further ado..... Here is update number 3

Remember - when I say sentence strip size, I mean that you intend to print your words onto sentence strips.  If I say 8.5 x 11, I mean that you intend to print your words on sheets of card stock and then cut them apart.

Update # 3 - Random words - 

You should notice that all of my clip art either came from msn clipart OR was purchased through a subscription from iclipart. 

I had more than one suggestion for "tubular bells".  I have not included it here because I have yet to find the right image.  If you come across a picture that I can use for tubular bells that might work, send me a link and we will check it out.  

If you are just coming across the music word wall posts, 

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