Sunday, August 19, 2012

Word Wall Words - FREE UPDATE #1

Ya'll-  the response to the alphabet words and word wall has been truly overwhelming and exciting and really cool!  Thank you for your kind appreciation, patient responses and collaboration in helping me make sure that these downloads I've created are working properly so that you can get the things you need.

I've also gotten some great ideas for some words that should be added to the list.....

My "I" is very lonely! 
After all, we can't have a word wall with a lonely "I"

AND, if you are like me, if my resource doesn't fit the need that I have, then I just don't use it.

That is why having a downloadable AND expandable word wall is just perfect!  We can ADD to it! - It's always good to add more ingredients to our melodysoup!

Through comments and emails I've received enough essential new words that I am going to be able to create AT LEAST 3 Word Wall updates for several blog entries to come.  I hope you will join me in being both urgently expectant (I've GOT to get this done!) and patient (we're all starting a new school year) as we try to get everything done!

August 19 UPDATE!

As a quick disclaimer, these new words are sometimes words that I just simply forgot, but sometimes they are words that I had a hard time coming up with a picture to explain them because they are express more abstract concepts..... so as you see in the picture above, a descant is like "frosting" to the melody.... so I have a picture of a cake being frosted..... a little bit of stretch, but for me it is a pretty good visual of how a descant functions musically.

If you are just now discovering melodysoup Here are some links that you might find helpful 

As always I want to give credit to msn clip art and iclipart for the wonderful clipart.  I also discovered a wonderful website that I can tell has been around for a while, and yet it is a resource that I only discovered today.  That is


  1. Both the links open as the sentence strip form. :(

    Thanks so much for sharing such an incredible resource. Several of my colleagues have commented on how wonderful it is!

  2. Sorry about that! I was having some internet issues last night. I spotted the problem last night and was on my way to fixing it when my internet died on me. The correct link is now restored! Thanks for letting me know!