Sunday, September 30, 2012

MelodySoup - Monday Linky Party! - How do you generate funds?

So every day I learn something new about blogging! Today I am learning about linky parties.

I know that in these days where employment security for many music teachers is far from guaranteed we are all just grateful to be working..... Often in that environment where there is very little if any funding that we can count,  we work with and have become accustomed to the expectation that we will generate the necessary funds to make our classes work. If you are like me, you like being part of the solution rather than the problem, so I'm always looking for new and creative ways to ensure that I can accomplish basic things like purchase enough music,  repair and replace instruments and equipment and purchase the things that will make help my students shine brightly on program days.

So for this first Monday in October the linky party question is this...... "How do you generate funds for your music program?"

Do you sell tickets?  Do you do fund raisers? Maybe you write grants, or have become addicted to like I have..... Maybe you've found a great corporate sponsor in your community or Maybe you've partnered with the best PTA ever..... What do you do?

Here is what I do...... I write grants and use  The way I see it, the time I could spend writing and managing a grant is time I don't have to spend selling popcorn. or cookie dough..... but that is just my personal preference.....

The point is the great idea that you have might just be the program saving idea that someone else needed to read about..... so feel free to share.

How does this work? 
Here is how a linky party works......
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