Friday, July 19, 2013

My 5 favorite things about being a music teacher

1.  Music: - the best thing about being a music teacher is the time that I get to spend singing and playing with children.  However, I'm not really talking about voices or instrumental technique.  I most enjoy that moment just after a class has created a really beautiful moment for themselves, then there is silence....... then..... "Can we do that again?".  THAT is the best part of being a music teacher. 

2.  Creativity: - I really enjoy the creative aspects of the job.  I like sewing, painting, designing, writing, composing, arranging, conducting, chereography, orchestrating, problem solving, singing, playing instruments and games, improvising, ....and of course teaching....and because I teach music I have the opportunity to do ALL of those things AND get paid! So being a music teacher is perfect.

3.  Variety:  - For about 7 years I had classes that were 50 minutes with 6 classes a day  and for about 7 years I've had  45 minutes with 7 classes a day.  Which means that just about the time that I get tired of doing whatever we are doing, I get a BRAND NEW CLASS!  So what If I only have the attention span of a TV drama?  No two hours are the same EVER!

4. Relationships: - With students coming in and out of my class every hour it is a challenge to build relationships quickly.  However, the pay-off is that I get to teach my students for years.   I get to enjoy the growth of my students over a long period of time and when discipline issues arrise, I have the investment of time on my side.  It may take awhile, but I will find a solution. 

5.  Joy: - It's nice to be a part of the joy at a school.  Schools are meant to be joyful in their pursuit of learning because learning is an exciting and joyful thing to be about!  There are so many influences and obstacles that can really rob a school and it's students of their joy.  I wish this happened more often than it does, but I am thrilled when the  students who came in dragging, tired, heavy-headed and weary leave my classroom with a skip in their step and a song in their heart, refreshed, energized having learned so much that they are ready to learn much more!

Those are MY favorite things about being a music teacher..... What are YOUR 5 favorite things about what you get to spend your time doing?  Maybe like me you teach music, maybe not..... Please share what your five favorites are in the comment section OR if you decide to blog about your favorite five, then link back here!


  1. Hi, I'm not a music teacher, I'm a rather mature learner of music so it's interesting to hear your perspective. I'm now a travel writer and blogger so my top 5 are: an excuse to travel (that could be five reasons in itself!), managing my own time, writing (always a pleasure), sharing my experiences, and interacting with others online.

  2. Your enthusiasm for teaching is contagious! I love it!

    Right now my favorite thing is that I don't know what each ay holds. Each day is a brand new day. I'm about to have a high school student that is going to be active in band and drama. I love the fine arts because it gives her something to express herself.