Sunday, June 7, 2015

Farewell to Family - Celebrating the year with a good goodbye

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my school?  THIS is how awesome they are!

Teachers voluntarily attended several before and after school rehearsals in MAY to learn how to play a song on instruments all in order to celebrate what a great year it has been and to take the time to say "thank you" and "we'll miss you" to those who will not be at our campus next year.   Those who were too busy to attend or who had a conflict, practiced on their own time and on the last day, everyone came together, admin, teachers and staff on Friday morning and we sang!  As my co-teacher would say, our performance was "beautifully flawed"

The entire experience was so much fun! Every rehearsal saw a different group hurrying down to the music room.... teachers would come in with end of year tasks etched on their faces and leave 20 minutes later relaxed and smiling ready to get to work....  During the performance on Friday  there were smiles, there were tears, there were hugs, there was sincerity,  there were hooray's and there was a deep sense of thankfulness that we had all made to the happy side of another year of teaching!  It was fantastic!

What sorts of things does your school do to celebrate the end of the year?

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