Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Composing Rhythms in 2nd grade

Like everyone else, I'm in the last few days of school.  My students last day is June 5th and we have a workday on June 6th.  One of my chores is to get my computers in order.  As part of that chore, I found these pictures taken earlier this year (sometime in February/March) My second graders were writing a rhythm composition using quarter, eighth and rests. 
I made a BIG deal about being composers, and gave them special paper.  We folded the paper four times so that we had 16 boxes (beats). 
I then told them that they could draw a quarter note in any 8 boxes of their choosing. 
Then I told them to write 4 sets of eighth notes in 4 boxes of their choosing. 
I made a BIG deal about the "blank" spaces and suggested that they could either fill in the remaining four boxes with quarter notes or eighth notes OR they could draw a rest in each empty box. 
They were so proud of themselves and took great delight in sharing their rhythm compositions with each other. 



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