Sunday, July 14, 2013

7 Habits for a great week

So It's a Sunday night in the summer, I've been blessed by a wonderful Sunday at church and I'm thinking about how nice it is to not have to get ready for a school Monday..... 

Which leads me to think about all the little things I do to ensure that I can hit the ground running come Monday morning during a school year. 
Here are a 7 habits for a great week that make a huge difference for the success of my week.

Me and my SSE team on Go Texas Day!
 Even though this picture was on a Friday,
 I laid out my clothes the Sunday night before

1.  I lay out my clothes.... Even if I change my mind, it comes in handy to have something set aside to wear since I'm not exactly clear headed as I'm dressing.  I avoid alot of mismatches this way 

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2. I fix my lunch or make sure I have a lunch plan for the week.... So I'l admit, I'm not great about this, simply because even making a lunch the night before, doesn't mean that this lunch will make it's way into my car, into my classroom and all the way to lunch with me.... However I always have a plan, and WHEN I follow my plan I end up eating much healthier.  I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't at least try!

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3. I catch up on laundry and make sure the kitchen is clean - no dirty dishes in the sink.  I am much happier on Monday when I come home and I don't have piles of laundry and my sink is ready for use.


4. I don't talk - Sunday night is a great night for vocal rest!

where I write my music

5. I pursue hobbies: reading, crochet, blogging, crafting, writing music or pretty much anything that sounds like fun that I will enjoy.    Especially on days when I'm trying to be quiet, working on piano accompaniments is something that I do on lots of Sundays.

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6. I don't work. - MOST of the time, this is possible, if I REALLY buckle down on Friday and Saturday.... it's not ALWAYS possible, but I try because any time I can make my Sunday a real Sabath (day or rest) I can really tell a difference in the week that follows!

7. I go to bed on time - really! Because if I don't I PAY for my indulgence for the rest of the week

So now it' your turn!  Please leave me a comment, or better yet a link to your own blog explaining some of your favorite habits for a great week!


  1. Bonnie, thanks for the great suggestions. Very simple and practicle.

  2. I make sure I have the dinners for the week planned and that I have everything I need so when I get home each day I don't have to run back out to the store.